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Seasonal flavors menu

Starter, main course, cheese or dessert at 29,50 €

Starter, main course, cheese and dessert at 34,50 €

Net prices service included

Compose your menu “A foodlover’s Getaway” in our Carte.

A Foodlover’s Getaway at 43.50 € : Starter, fish or meat and cheese or dessert
A Foodlover’s Getaway at 49.50 € : Starter, fish or meat, cheese and dessert


Ravioli (Open-Faced) with “Pelardon des Cevennes” Goat Cheese, Mushroom Cream

19 €

Green Asparagus in Salad, green Asparagus Butter, creamy Egg Yolk           Condiment Vinaigrette and Cantal cheese Crumble

19 €

“Brioche”, pan-fried Snails with wild Garlic, Tomato Confit and Porcini Chips

20 €

Duck Foie Gras Beetroot Jelly and Apple Chutney with Fig Bread (Additional Menu 4 €)

21 €


Main Courses


Pan-fried pink Trout Fillet, sweet Potato Galette, grated Fennel in Sesame Salad, Curry Cream

25 €

Lamb confit 12 hours, Garlic-Parsley Viennese, Celeriac Mousseline, Tomato Relish and Lamb Juice flavoured with Mountain Thyme

25 €

Lozere Beef Filet, Potato Crique, Barigoule Artichokes, Red onion-Pepper condiment, Violet Moustard Sauce

28 €

Poultry Roll with Porcini Mushrooms, organic green Lentil Pancake from the Causse Méjean

25 €

Organic green Lentil Pancake from the Causse Méjean snacked Vegetables, Herb Bean Vinaigrette

22 €



Trolley of ripened cheese

12 €

Soft Fresh Country Cheese / Cream and Chives or Honey or Mixed Berry Coulis

6 €


Warm thin Apple tart, Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel sauce 


Warm Chocolate lava cake, Raspberry-Litchi sorbet

12 €

Chestnut Tartlet with Chestnut Ice Cream

12 €

Regional Strawberry Pavlova, smashed Strawberries with Tarragon, Mascarpon-Lemon Cream

12 €



Net prices service included

Lunch Menu at 23 € (only for Lunch from Monday to Saturday)

Starter/main course or main course/dessert

choosed in the “Seasonal” Menu

Net prices service included

“Short trousers” menu at 15€

under 12 years old

Tomatoes salad” or“White Ham

Fish Fillet or Chicken Leg

Ice Cream or Fresh Cream Cheese

Net prices service included, drinks excluded

”An introduction to fine food” menu at 32 €

under 12 years old

Green Asparagus in salad, green Asparagus butter, creamy Egg Yolk

Poultry Roll with Porcini Mushrooms, organic green Pancake

Regional Strawberry Pavlova, smashed Strawberries with Tarragon

A fruit juice is served with the menu at 32 €
Net prices service included, drink included