Since 2007 we decided be part at a responsible tourism policy side of the Cevennes National Park and the Cevennes Ecotourism Association.
We signed the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas.

This engagement helped us move forward in our environmentally responsible process.
achievements we have made :

Waste sorting (we already do cartons and glass since 1992)
Since 2008 we sort household waste and vegetable peelings, egg shells and coffee grounds, we carry out compost to feed 3 local gardens.
Using energy saving light bulbs since 1992
Various energy-saving light bulbs (50W returned 30 W). Reading lamps headboards LED 2W and 5W halogen)

2008 :

Renovation of 6 bathrooms baths in the rooms “glamor”, replacing tubs with Italian showers.

We work as much as possible with suppliers in adequacy your respect environment philosophy.

Gallery suppliers

Our boiler passed away in April 2008 In an emergency, we have not been able to use renewable energy, but we opted for a low-energy fuel boiler.

2009 :

Removing infusions bags and we use local dried plants.

2010 :

Buying a Bike Trailer for travel and shopping in the village.

Buy tow bags back for nature curious,​​freely available nearby customer’s house.
This bag is composed of many observation and comprehension nature tools (loupeboxes, stethoscope, microscope, vacuum mouth …)

Water flow reducer points equipment (tap, shower column and WC).

2011 :

Installing seven roller shutters photovoltaic roof.

2012 :

Creation of an elevator, tow disabled persons bedrooms, renovation floor and the ground floor and access disabled persons toilet.
wafer economic awareness clothes in all rooms.

Our future projects, reference library of books on nature.